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Resort & Yacht Packages

Combination Resort & Yacht Packages: 13-14 Nights. Experience the best of both worlds. Sail the Mentawai Islands to south or Nias and Banyak Islands to the north aboard one of...

Resort Packages

Resort Only Option: 7, 10, 11 or 14 nights. Our resort based holiday is where we surf every day from our quality speed boats around the entire Island chain of...

Conference Packages

Conference Packages: 7, 10, 11 or 14 Night Options We have an the equipment and facilities to create an amazing package for your company to suit your conference needs and...

Photographer Package

Professional Surf Photographer Packages Why not make that memorable trip of a life time last forever….. Our professional surf photographer packages can be designed around your holiday option. Packages are...

Fishing & Diving Packages

If surfing isn’t really your thing but you like other water sports make an inquiry and see if we can fit your needs. Our range of vessels and equipment can...

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Tracks Magazine, issue, 552, surfing, Indonesia, boat trip, waves, fun, surfing

Tracks Issue #552

Tracks 552 travels to surfing’s Disneyland, the Mentawai Islands, along with five Australians who are hell-bent on qualifying for surfing’s premier league, the...

Surf Report


The first Mango experience for this Vicco crew had some of the boys a little green around the...

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