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I’m writing in on behalf of our group to say “thanks” and give credit to all those who were responsible for our most recent trip on the Mangului (Aug 25 – Sept 7) – especially Capt. Mark Dyet, who remarkably managed to exceed our highest expectations.

I personally work in the surf services industry in Nicaragua and as an ex-patriot business owner for the past 12 years, I understand more than most, the difficulty owning, managing and operating a business such as yours. Our crew has extensive experience traveling in the Mentawai islands dating back to the days before “white” boats in the late 1990’s. In recent years, we’ve also had the opportunity to sample many of the other charter operations including the: Addiction, Pelagic, Indies Trader, Kaimana, Huey, etc.  I mention this because I believe it provides us with a unique and valuable perspective that many of your customers might not be able to offer.  I also hope it carries a bit more weight when we say that we just had, unanimously, hands-down, the very best trip we’ve ever had due in large part to your operation. We attribute a great deal of this success to the knowledge, guidance and exhaustive commitment to providing great service of Capt. Dyet.

Your operation is first rate. Your equipment is well maintained, your staff is trained, the food is ample and excellent and you offer exceptional customer service – None of us take that stuff for granted and it’s exactly what we look for when we fly halfway around the world to surf. Because of this, most of our crew are repeat customers on the Mango.  I’ve personally stayed at the resort and also taken a trip on the Mango in the past. In fact, rather than booking with another outfit, our group changed our dates and adjusted our personal schedules just so we could book with you and Capt. Dyet on this trip.  (And now we are very happy that we did.)

The main reason we come to Indonesia is to score great waves and in this regard, Capt. Dyet is second to none. We have yet to come across another captain with as much surf/conditions knowledge in the Ments. Amazingly, he alone did the jobs that take 3 men on other boats. Serving as Captain, Surf Guide, Fish Guide and Photographer, he tirelessly put in 16+ hour days for 14 days in a row! You would never know it though because he always had a smile on his face and a good story to tell. There really is not another captain who compares. We all know the Mango is not the newest or fastest boat in the Ments, but with the ability to move around in the dark and the mobility of the Foxy, Capt. Dyet was able to maximize both the quality and quantity of surf we scored. And we REALLY scored, at a variety of spots, often alone amidst a fleet of other boats who were undoubtedly searching for what we had already found.

So on behalf of myself and our group, thank you for the best trip we’ve ever had. We will be strongly recommending your outfit to our network of friends and we will surely be looking to book the Mango and Capt. Dyet again in the coming years.

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