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“Just wanted to say a huge thanks again for looking after myself and the boys on our mango trip. During our post mango debrief at the beach club in KL it was agreed that mango 2015 was the best so far! Seriously

With out a doubt the major contributing factor in the epic-ness of the trip was Mark. The guy is an absolute legend and hardly a day went past without the boys conversation turning to how little sleep he gets and how much effort he put into making sure everything was perfect all the time. After we had motored most of the night from playgrounds to sponge bobs Mark jumped straight in the Foxy and took photos for just under 5 hours, and even organized hot breakfasts to be delivered to the foxy so we didn’t have to move away from the waves. This type of service is WAY above our expectations.

It was also agreed that the food on the mango has improved with Situ as the chef. All of the other chefs cooked really well also but Situ nailed every single meal and always had an arvo snack ready too.

The rest of the crew were all legends as well but the effort put in by Mark and Situ really stood out.

Given that most of the lads have families we agreed the next Mango adventure would have to be 2017.  Not sure how far out you make your calendar but May 2017 was a time that most guys though would be good for us.

I think it a pretty big compliment to your guys operation that even though surfers are travelers always looking for something new, and I work at SV, there was never a question that our next surf trip together is certainly gonna be another Mango trip.

Thanks again soooo much! And let me know when you get a 2017 calendar and the goldy boys will lock in for another mango trip.” –┬áCam

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