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“Most of the time it was just the crew in our boat ( 7 ish ) and we would be changing in and out all day. I think the biggest crew was about 13. The camps and the boats all know each other so they know where we are and we know where they are. There was one charter up but they were heading south and two private boats ( 2 or 3 punters onboard ).

The surf ranged in size from flat to over head, I’m stoked I stayed for the fourteen days because the last four days after Troy left Pumped, over head R#@$ers Rights, B%$#@s Rights, M$#@o Lefts. Just Pumped!!!!!

All my flights/transfers went smooth as, on the way back I spent the day at the Pan Pacific in KL, great day. I hung out with a bunch of Ozzy boys that had been on one of Matt’s boats. (Their trip sounded great) I can’t fault the way the trip went, the resort was over the top great! the food was top end, The over night in Padang (Spice) Cool place run by Cooler people.

Wal and Matt burnt gas to get us to the best waves, No Mozzy’s on the island, cold bintings where ever we went! Shit what more do you want!!! All in all great trip!!!! I think the next time I go up there I will do a week on the boat and a week at the resort, Just for the hell of it!” – Kevin Vogt

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