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“Mate we just got off the Mango and my head is still reeling. Epic trip, epic times. Thanks a lot. I just wanted to send a personal note about Mark since he truly out-did himself this time ‘round. He was spot on with the direction we took scoring us perfect conditions without crowds most days. His commitment to the boys having a great time was obvious the entire time and I know all the guys really appreciated it.

Even when he wasn’t snapping us from the foxy getting slotted or lipped on the head Mark was changing hooks on lures and doing his best to make sure our arvo fishing trips produced the goods. It was exceptional service.

He is a gun and we have all since talked about how his presence on the Mango made our trip that much better. I couldn’t imagine being on the boat without him and I just wanted to let you know.

I also want to say Situ shone in the galley as well. Hands down best chef yet. He, like Mark, worked tirelessly for us and it was unreal.

Cheers Matt and hopefully we can book another trip as soon as possible – life without a mango trip on the horizon to look forward to is simply unbearable.” – Locky

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