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“To Albert and Wal, thanks for an awesome trip, you guys and the crew on the Mango kicked ass big time and delivered a filth trip for all of us. Matty, thanks for arranging everything with us mate, always great to get onto the mighty Mango. I think I can speak for everyone and say we all had a great time and scored epic waves, had great food, good fishing and spearing. The direction and options from Albert and Wal were spot on and the money shot was the call on the last day. If not for 40 local groms we’d have won the lotto at Telescopes and even with all the kids we scored big time. The morning wakeup call (via the anchor) which signaled we were good to skull a cup of coffee and jump into the surf was awesome Albert and put us an hour ahead of every other punter out there. From my perspective that was one of the best trip I have ever been on, great bunch of lads, intriguing political debates or should I say berating from Pericy, lots of laughs, filth surf and of course some great dropping ins from Pericy on the dirty knee boarder and questionable jockeying in chase the ace by the bookie J. Good work on everyone for making the effort to get there, paying on time and for accepting Bruce’s tendency towards homosexual liaisons without excluding him from the day to day activities during the trip J.” – Cheers Pangy

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