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Geoff & Zac

“Great trip again, Great waves and great food. Thanks to the crew, always made you laugh. Thanks to Mark & Mitch. Cheers.” – Geoff & Zac

(Jungle) Jim

“Well you have done it again Mango & showed us what life is really about…” – (Jungle) Jim

Mark Lindsay

“Awesome trip with the best crew in Indo. Keep ripping Mango ! ….” – Mark Lindsay

Shane Clinton

“A fantastic trip, too much good food, too many good waves until the next trip, Regards Shane Clinton, a great trip.” – Shane Clinton

Tony Turner (Shelly Beach Mal club)

“Can’t think of a better experience in my life !! The waves were 10/10, The food was 10/10, The crew was 10/10. Thanks for having us…” – Tony Turner (Shelly Beach Mal club)

Kevin Vogt

“Most of the time it was just the crew in our boat ( 7 ish ) and we would be changing in and out all day. I think the biggest...

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Ben Standring

“Dear Matt, I was on your boat for 14 days with six others and your extremely professional crew. It was without doubt the most amazing trip i have ever been...

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“Hey Matt, just a gday and a big thankyou from me for giving us the best surf experiences I’ve ever had and the best holiday fun a man could want. Fark mate the...

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David Nakada (Hawaii)

“The crew on the Nomad is excellent. Great skipper and a very tight crew. What a cook! On Island, you have the best accomodations I’ve been to, hands down. It...

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The Mangalui Ndulu, captured by Simon ‘Swilly’ Williams.

Our resident photog – half man half sea creature Simon ‘SWILLY’ Williams – has spent his fair share of time aboard the Mangalui...

Surf Report


Another classic Mango trip! The boys certainly scored with beautiful conditions that were often enjoyed alone or with...

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