Surf Report – 17/05/12

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Good to see the Rio boys back for their third trip on board the Mangalui Ndulu. Wetworks label owners and renowned Brazilian shaper’s the Secco bros, Joaque, Pedro and Claudio the German ripping it up with Claudio the doctor. All the boys soaking up the Mango’s Island vibe and surfing their guts out. Not often do we get the Brazilian natives on board but these guys sure know whats going on out here in the Sumatran waters. Always choosing the Mangalui above all else for her dedication to hunting out the best uncrowded waves in the west Sumatran region. Good company and always in good spirits, it will be a pleasure to see you guys back out here again in 2014. Karalio???

Capt. Mark

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The Mangalui Ndulu, captured by Simon ‘Swilly’ Williams.

Our resident photog – half man half sea creature Simon ‘SWILLY’ Williams – has spent his fair share of time aboard the Mangalui...

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