Surf Report – 18/10/16

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Central Coast Crew

Oct 7 – Oct 18

Great to catch up with Joel, one of Mangalui’s  ex- chefs and a new crew of central coast boys, most of which were first timers aboard. Straight into some clean solid waves on Day 1, we peeled off in Foxy on Day 2 to shake off the fleet which had showed up overnight. Swung by some ol’ favourite fishin’ ground  n’ quickly picked up 3 doggies and a Spanish Mackeral as we headed over the horizon……nice.

Hats off to Brock for keeping his spirits up after ripping ligaments off the ol’ knee on Day 2,  choosing to hang tough, packed in ice and sedated on painkillers n’ bintang for the duration so his mates wouldn’t miss that next rising swell due the following day.

The rest of the voyage was all about avoiding any crowds and hunting good quality waves of course. Swell , a bit leaner this trip puts one to the test.  Lone sessions are what we’re all about and consistently coming up with the goods is what sets the Mango apart. It’s really just all in the timing eh boys. Cheers

– Mark



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The Mangalui Ndulu, captured by Simon ‘Swilly’ Williams.

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