Surf Report – 19/07/12

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The Mangalui team has just rounded out another successful surfing adventure through the Islands of West Sumatra. We had a variety of weather condition on our last trip as Mother Nature certainly showed us many of here moods over the two weeks we were at sea. With the untouchable Mango and Foxy combination nothing could stop us from sniffing out the best waves in the area everyday. A super fun crew was always ready with a stroke of genius sunk their teeth into some some really nice swell and had a nice variety of waves from long clean smackable walls, punchy barreling wedges and shallow hollow tubes. There was pretty much something new to surf every couple of days keeping it all very fresh and interesting. Another great trip. Yep, you really missed it hahahaha.

See ya Soon Capt Albert.

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The Mangalui Ndulu, captured by Simon ‘Swilly’ Williams.

Our resident photog – half man half sea creature Simon ‘SWILLY’ Williams – has spent his fair share of time aboard the Mangalui...

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