Surf Report – 9/09/12

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To say the last group of fellows from the East Coast of Australia got good waves would be an understatement. Long time Mangalui guests really scored on there last Sumatran adventure. With countless number of Indonesian tubes, the boys arrived back into port with a grin from ear to ear with an array of stories to be told. Max Lindsay resembled a sea weathered pirate with a pre existing knee injury not letting him get in the way of his annual Mango trip, limping around the vessel like a character out the Pirates of the Caribbean. Great to see Marts let out of the warehouse for an Indonesian adventure with the fella’s and what a cracker of a first trip to this amazing part of the world.

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The Mangalui Ndulu, captured by Simon ‘Swilly’ Williams.

Our resident photog – half man half sea creature Simon ‘SWILLY’ Williams – has spent his fair share of time aboard the Mangalui...

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