Surf Report – 20/05/14

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Mangalui Ndulu_Sumatran Charters

There was movement up here in Indo and the rumours got around, the boys on the Mango were on the hunt for unicorns.

With Foxy and the Mango in hot pursuit it wasn’t long before they were rounding up herds of ‘em. Turns out they’re nowhere near as rare as they thought they were. Smallsy and Coxy rode some they won’t be forgetting too soon, as did all the fellas aboard this trip.

Pig and Simon probably scoring the best pits of their lives too. Some days not another soul anywhere near within coo-ee of us, just made it that little bit more special. Smokin’ trip.

Cheers boys.

– Mark

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The Mangalui Ndulu, captured by Simon ‘Swilly’ Williams.

Our resident photog – half man half sea creature Simon ‘SWILLY’ Williams – has spent his fair share of time aboard the Mangalui...

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