Surf Report – 5/10/14

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RLZ_Telo Islands

Always good to catch up with the WA crew eh. Having enjoyed some prime time over that way myself, surfin’ and workin’ back in the 80’s with a few revisits since, forged some beaut friendships, luv that amazing abundant ocean they’ve got.

Abrolhos to Ningaloo desert magic. If only the water was warmer, the jungle thicker n the wind lighter, I might even have been tempted longer. But these are some of the elements that lure us back to the often perfect conditions of Equatorial West Sumatra. With ambient and water temps allowing all day seshes, those jungles fuel welcome arvo offshores and help keep those breezes in check. Nuthin’ like an Indo fix to rev up a wind torn, fly blown sandgroper, eh fellas.

Glen, ex- Skipper of the Mango 04 – 07 was all over it, stoked to be back. Gero boys , the Wheetly bros Dale n Kim feasted ……..  together. Yep, Sharing the same wave regularly, droppin’ in on each other since they were groms may have cost some barrel time but didn’t seem to interfere with the fun they were havin’. I hear ASIO has offered em’ a job spying at the the next Rio mardi gras.

On the really bright side, that’s 2 out of the lineup with 1 wave eh, there’s a proverb in there somewhere. Blake, Mitch, Phil, Luke, Granno n Choycey, great to catch up and meet yas.  As usual Mango getting the boys into some perfect empty lineups and heaps of good quality uncrowded waves. Cheers boys.

– Mark

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