Mangalui Ndulu translated into the local Nias dialect literally means ‘wave searcher’. She is a magnificent 84 foot timber sloop, custom built for the sole purpose of searching for waves.

“The Mango” has chartered in the beautiful islands off Sumatra for nearly 2 decades. Her experienced captain and crew have hosted the worlds best surfers and witness and enjoyed some truly groundbreaking sessions in virgin waves. Her reputation as being one of the finest Indonesian charter vessels afloat is well deserved.

Mangalui Ndulu is fully equipped to get you into the best waves in the world so all you need to worry about is trimming inside the tube.

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Tracks Issue #552

Tracks 552 travels to surfing’s Disneyland, the Mentawai Islands, along with five Australians who are hell-bent on qualifying for surfing’s premier league, the...

Surf Report

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Teamerica Plus Two August 25 – September 8 Back in the saddle, Team America plus two of their...

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mangalui, yacht, charter, surfing, Indonesia, Sumatra
Mangalui, surfing, yacht, boat trip, Indonesia, Sumatra, holiday, surf report, perfect, Tracks Magazine
Mangalui, surfing, boat trip, Indonesia, tropics, Sumatra, report, fishing, perfection, resort, yacht

"I’m writing in on behalf of our group to say “thanks” and give credit to all those who..." - Bryan McMandon

Remaning Holiday Options

Nov 17 - Dec 01 (14 Nights) - 10 Remaining
Dec 03 - Dec 19 (16 Nights) - 2 Remaining
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